Partner with Us

The Australian Children’s Music Foundation deploy a nationwide team of extraordinary specialist music educators who create customised music programs in schools, juvenile justice centres, hospitals, youth drop-in centres, refugee centres and regular holiday programs – working closely with each community, to achieve the best possible outcomes for each program.

For this reason, the ACMF is always keen to develop mutually-beneficial partnerships with organisations share our values and goals.

The ACMF believes in partnership as a means of creating lasting value, program innovation, and sustainability in support of its work.

Choosing the ACMF as your CHARITY PARTNER can benefit your business through:

·         Higher staff engagement and fulfilment

·         Creative opportunities

·         Increased credibility and enhanced reputation

·         Meeting corporate and social responsibility objectives

Engaging in partnership with the ACMF may include:

  • pro-bono support
  • in-kind goods and services
  • workplace giving
  • financial support and/or information services
  • volunteering 
  • corporate fundraising
  • sponsor a program

Ultimately, a partnership with the ACMF demonstrates that your organisation has an ongoing commitment to giving back to the community, and to providing meaningful social impact and opportunities to the disadvantaged children of Australia.

We would love to work with you!