National Songwriting Competition

The 2022 competition is now open for entries, and closes on 22 September. Click on the text above to go to the entry form...


2022 Competition

Entries to the 2022 competition are now open! Enter here!


Categories and prizes for the 2022 competition are listed in the tables below.


We recommend that you read the Terms and Conditions for the 2022 competition before entering.

Free Entry (Donations welcome)

Every year, the ACMF Songwriting Competition is free to enter. However, as the ACMF is a registered charity, we do strongly encourage entrants to consider making a donation to the ACMF, along with their song submissions.


Your support enables us to continue our important work - bringing life-changing music education programs and instruments to disadvantaged children and youth-at-risk throughout Australia. To make a donation, click here.

Previous Winners

For a full list of winners for 2020 & 2021 (and to hear their entries) CLICK HERE

About the competition

Our annual ACMF National Songwriting Competition is a nationwide initiative designed to encourage creativity and self-expression through songwriting, and is now in its 20th year.


Every year, students from schools across Australia are invited to put pen to paper and enter their original song.

Winners receive prize-money which can be allocated towards musical equipment or tuition. For a table of prizes, click here.

Terms & Conditions

For full Terms and Conditions of the National Songwriting Competition, CLICK HERE.

Competition Sponsors

“We have to encourage creativity in children. The current education system does not prioritise this – how else will children dream and blossom, if not through creativity? Songwriting is a vital form of self-expression. Songwriting has stopped children self-harming. It has allowed them to speak about abuse and trauma. It has allowed them to express love and forgiveness. It can increase literacy. It can promote understanding.  This competition encourages every child, in every Australian state and territory to explore and create, and engage with learning in such a positive way. It’s very important to the work of the ACMF, and myself in particular.”

Don Spencer

Founder of the ACMF

Tap on an image below and listen to some of our winning entrants speak about the competition, their prize money and what they chose to put it toward as well as a little snippet of their winning song.