Fund a Program

The Australian Children’s Music Foundation (ACMF) was founded in 2002 by Don Spencer OAM to address the needs of children who were not getting the benefits of music education.

“Research has proven the importance of music and arts education. And yet so many children don’t have access to music lessons. This is alarming. Every private school in the world teaches music. When I was young, every school had a music teacher and a piano. Where did the system go wrong?”

The ACMF passionately believes that no child should be deprived of access to a music education. We believe this is a right, not a privilege. Research has proven that participation in music lessons enhances motor skills, boosts brain development, increases creativity and problem-solving skills, builds trust, confidence and resilience, increases literacy and numeracy skills, develops language skills and re-engages children with the process of learning.

Each music program costs approximately $35 000 per year to enable a music specialist to regularly visit a school or centre to deliver a music program, building trust, resilience and self-expression. With your help we can reach more children so desperately in need.