Crisis Support

In late 2019, areas of Australia were devastated by unprecedented drought, and catastrophic fire conditions – causing tragic loss of life, property, and extreme grief. The Australian Children’s Music Foundation offers its support to affected schools and communities.


The ACMF has in the past, offered support in response to crisis situations (such as droughts and fires) – most notably in the aftermath of the Victorian Bushfires of 2009, which left many schools ravaged and desolate. The ACMF secured funding to commence “Music for Hope”: long-term weekly music programs in five affected primary schools: Strathewen Primary, Middle Kinglake Primary, Chum Creek Primary, Marysville Primary and Yarra Glen Primary between 2009 and 2012. Some schools went on to become long-term beneficiaries of ACMF music programs and instruments.

The ACMF’s focus is, and has always been, on the emotional and mental well-being of children — most especially in the aftermath of disaster. When in crisis, many children feel helpless and overwhelmed. Learning and playing music is an effective outlet for children to express their emotions and re-engage. 

Through our work, the ACMF have witnessed first-hand the way music has the power to uplift the spirits of those in need of solace and hope – not just for school children, but community members, young and old.

The ACMF operates in many schools in rural and regional areas. We recognise that such devastation can have severe emotional impact on its victims.

As a non-profit foundation, we offer the healing power of music, which in a practical and significant way – provides a sense of safety and community to those people whose land, buildings, homes, and broken spirits must be rebuilt.

ACMF Music Programs are tailored to suit the needs of each affected school, including through:

  • conducting free weekly class group music sessions,
  • school choirs
  • providing free musical equipment
  • songwriting sessions and recording of completed songs
  • students performing at school and community concerts
  • drumming workshops

Music allows children the chance to healthily express their emotions, gain self confidence, and restore hope.

If your school has been affected by the recent fire disasters, you can contact the ACMF to discuss what support may be available.

Schools can register their interest in the ACMF delivering either instruments and/or music programs to help support the children and community emotionally and psychologically in the new year.

The ACMF launched its latest Bushfire Recovery Music Program (June 2020) in the fire-ravaged Wingham Brush Primary School, in NSW Mid North-Coast. Watch the FULL STORY on ABC News Sydney below:

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Bushfire Relief

ACMF Music Programs

"It's about giving them something that just makes them happy -- happy first, because a happy child learns"

Matt Zarb

Music Teacher

"It kind of makes me feel like I can basically be who I am - because I love music"


Music Student