A Gift in Your Will

Leaving a gift in your will to the ACMF will secure the future of music for Australian children who would otherwise miss out on the many benefits of a music education.

No matter how big or small, by choosing to leave a gift to the Australian Children’s Music Foundation in your Will, you can join us in continuing to bring the magic of music to children experiencing disadvantage, incarceration, trauma and/or illness across Australia for many years to come.

Whilst in many cases it is not complicated, we understand leaving a gift in your Will may be a big decision for you. If you’d like your legacy to include meaningful and life-changing support for children, the steps are very simple:

  1. Have a conversation with your loved ones.

2. Choose the type of gift that you would like to leave for the benefit of children in need. Here are the options you can consider:

  • ​A ‘residuary gift’ is the whole or a percentage of the remainder of your estate once your other wishes have been carried out. (These gifts retain their value regardless of inflation and as little as 1% can make a big difference).
  • A ‘specific gift’ is a fixed dollar amount.
  • A ‘specific asset’ is a possession or an item (eg, property or shares). 

3. Write your Will online for free with our online partner, Gathered Here, OR, contact your solicitor.

Writing your Will with Gathered Here is simple and easy and takes around ten to twenty minutes. Whilst online Wills are not recommended for more complex estates, they are a convenient and practical alternative for most people in most circumstances. 

Contact your solicitor and provide/use our suggested wording below

I give to The Australian Children’s Music Foundation (ABN 11 101 785 219):

  • The rest and residue of my Estate, or
  • _____________ percent of my Estate, or
  • _____________ percent of the residue of my Estate, or
  • The sum of $_____________, or
  • _____________ (a specific item or possession)

free of all duties and testamentary expenses for its general purposes and I direct that the receipt of that organisation shall be sufficient discharge to my executors for this bequest.

There is absolutely no requirement to tell us if you choose to include ACMF in your Will. However, we’d really appreciate being able to thank you for your life-changing pledge to children of the future and keep you abreast of the sorts of beneficial impacts your future gift will provide.