Grant Success

Grant Success

The ‘Our Region, Our Voice’ Regional Youth Investment Program is aimed at improving the lives and wellbeing of young people in regional areas, in line with identified areas of need in regional NSW.

The objective of the ‘Our Region, Our Voice’ Regional Youth Investment Program is to genuinely reflect the needs and aspirations of regional young people in NSW to:

  1. learn, work and achieve in regional NSW
  2. be mentally and physically healthy, safe and thrive in their communities
  3. explore their creativity, collaborate with other teams, develop a sense of achievement and feel socially and culturally connected to their communities
  4. have transport and digital connectivity solutions to access training, work services and recreational activities; and
  5. be place-based and reflect the diversity of young people’s needs across regional NSW.

The ACMF will deliver a 2 year music program of drumming workshops for the youth of
Riverina region within 4 schools to support the well-being, connectivity and creativity of
students. Immersive Djembe Drumming Workshops will be
delivered by highly qualified, passionate music educators within the school environment
to students in Years 6-10 (aged 12-16). Djembe drums purchased for the project will
be donated to the schools and school teachers will be upskilled by our specialist music
educators as a sustainability strategy. The project will include performances & concerts for
the community and schools.

More information can be found here