Founder Don Spencer’s New Release

Founder Don Spencer’s New Release

Don Spencer (OAM), one of Australia’s most iconic Musicians, Songwriters and Entertainers is today releasing a stunning version of Rudyard Kipling’s famous poem ‘If”.

The poem has always resonated strongly with Spencer and speaks of the challenges that life throws and how we can overcome and succeed.

Written in 1895, the words are still just as powerful today as they were then and Spencer’s strong connection to the poem made him feel drawn to express it through music.

He explains, “I have written music for my favourite poem, ‘If” by Rudyard Kipling. Rudyard Kipling was a famous British poet born in India in 1853 and the words are still relevant today.
Every now and then, something happens in your life that has a profound and lasting effect on you. That’s what happened to me when I first heard the poem….

I was a teenager at the time and I cannot exaggerate how it resonated with me. It has been my favourite poem ever since. Inevitably, life has its ups and downs and challenges. As the years have rolled by, more and more, I have realised the wisdom of his words. This poem is an inspirational guide for a successful life of integrity, honesty, endeavour and self-belief.

Even though the final words are to his son the poem was written for everyone…man, woman and child. Every verse starts with “IF YOU”….That’s Rudyard Kipling talking to you…whoever you are. At the end he is saying to his son that these words are for YOU too…..

“If” was written in 1896, 127 years ago, and it is still as relevant today…or maybe more so…

Fellow ABC artist, Justine Clarke said today, “Don Spencer is one of the original Play School giants. It’s great to have this incredible poem accessible to young people and when Don sings, you listen!”

Tim Freedman (The Whitlams) also added, “With experience comes wisdom. The beauty and knowledge of the great poet have found a wonderful new home in Don’s musical setting, giving these timeless lines another deserved audience.”

Jim Finn (Art vs Science) concurs, “Hearing 8 decades of wisdom in the timbre of Don’s voice gives new depth and significance to these words. Though I’ve known this poem for a long time, I haven’t felt it until now.”

Now 82 and continuing to share his unique magic of music to current and future generations worldwide, Spencer’s voice brings the authentic character and experience to give these words the gravity and truth only he could bring.

The track was released on 18 January, which is the anniversary of Rudyard Kipling’s passing and the recording carries emotion and compassion, melodically expressed through the voice of a loving father and grandfather.

Spencer recently celebrated 60 years in showbiz, 27 years with ABC Music, and 20 years of his charity, the Australian Children’s Music Foundation.

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