The ACMF & SCHF – ‘Ukulele Project’

The ACMF & SCHF – ‘Ukulele Project’

Meet Shamika.

Shamika will be in and out of hospital for some time while receiving ongoing treatment for kidney failure.

During her most recent stay, she showed an interest in all things creative and thus was introduced to the ACMF’s ‘Ukulele Project’ with Music Therapist, Monica.

Shamika had so much fun decorating her Ukulele and learning a few cords to play, even brightening the day of another little patient when she learnt the song ‘You are my Sunshine.’

🎶Take a listen below🎶 ⁠


“The Ukulele project offered Shamika the opportunity to combine her interest in art and music and offered opportunity for positive interaction and engagement with staff and other patients on the same ward.⁠” – Monica, Music Therapist.

The ACMF support the Sydney Children’s Hospital Music Therapy Program by providing a skilled Music Therapist and working together with the staff to come up with creative activities involving craft and music to lighten and brighten what can often be a very difficult time in these young children’s lives ❤️⁠

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