Don Spencer to be painted for the Archibald Prize 2023

Don Spencer to be painted for the Archibald Prize 2023

ACMF CEO Don Spencer OAM, has been chosen by Gunnedah artist Belinda Sims to take part in a sitting for her entry into the Archibald Prize 2023.

Though Belinda has been painting her whole life, she only started professionally in 2018 and has instinctively steered toward portraits, with Don’s being much anticipated.

As someone who has suffered from childhood anxiety, Belinda felt a deep connection with Don growing up.

“Don has a gentleness about him that you feel through his music. Especially having grown up with anxiety, to have something so familiar in your home, something beautiful and safe… its a wonderful memory for me.”

Belinda needs to feel a genuine connection to the person she is painting and with Don, that was natural.

“The children that the ACMF support are testimony to the power of music and creativity – I know this through personal experience because I was able to find a real connection by tapping into that creativity. Don’s championing of children through the ACMF and the wonder of music deeply resonates with me.”

Have a look at the video below of Don & Belinda’s first sitting.

Video created by David Li Photography