Congratulations! To all of the National Songwriting Competition Winners 2021!

Congratulations! To all of the National Songwriting Competition Winners 2021!

The ACMF is excited to announce that 2021 has seen the largest number of entries into the competition in its 20-year history.

It has been overwhelmingly evident that this year has been extremely unsettling for so many young school students across Australia.

Whilst the standard of the music this year was exceptional – without question – the lyrics and overarching themes in the majority of the entries suggest introspection, isolation, uncertainty and fear of the future.

It is clear that young Australians are feeling the emotional unease of the past 18months and the ACMF are proud to continue supporting them by providing a positive way to express themselves through their music and song writing.

The 2021 judging panel of music experts came together and listened to over 80 songs, shortlisted from hundreds of submissions nationally. The judges assessed and discussed aspects of each song including lyrics, melody, song structure and originality.

The discovery of Bailey Pickles who has won both the instrumental and Alan Kendall Award is nothing short of phenomenal. Bailey is a writer, arranger, producer and multi-instrumentalist working from his bedroom studio in Camden West, outside Sydney. With over 500,000 Tiktok followers and 10,000 Instagram, people are discovering his talent. Bailey began writing his own compositions at the age of 4 and has the ability to be able to play any song he hears in seconds.

You can listen to all of the NSC winners across grades K – 12 by clicking on this LINK.