Hillston Central School – Music through lockdown

Hillston Central School – Music through lockdown

Like 70% of schools across Australia, Hillston Central School in remote NSW had no existing music program before the ACMF began their specialised music tuition.  Now, every child can read music, every teacher at the school has the tools to teach weekly music lessons, and there are two school bands and a choir.  

The ACMF’s teacher Rachel Scott set up the program a decade ago and now visits once a term for a week, working with the children and the teachers – modelling music lessons where each class teacher is given a term’s worth of tutorials that are relevant and fun for everyone involved.

The children at Hillston Public LOVE music and a visit from Rachel usually involves a big musical celebration!

Recent lock downs have meant Rachel was unable to visit the school in person but nevertheless, live sessions were available thanks to the technology and willingness of those helping.

The best part is the children have kept singing, playing, learning and laughing through it all.

Music is magic.