The Ukulele Project

The Ukulele Project

Throughout hospitalisation, children are given activities involving music as therapy as a way to distract and to lighten & brighten their stay. One of the activities the ACMF have come up with is the ‘Ukulele Project.’

At this difficult and busy time, the Music Therapy team at Sydney Children’s Hospital have implemented the ‘Build it yourself’ Ukulele Project to keep patients busy whilst there is limited visitors allowed and no group sessions. 

Jordyn (pictured below), not only built and decorated her Ukulele, but decorated and illustrated a beautiful song book too. The following quote outlines how wonderful Music Therapist – Monica’s support and the ‘Ukulele Project’ has been as part of Jordyn’s time in hospital.

“Without Music Therapy, Jordyn’s stay in hospital would have been impossible. It gave her something to look forward to, and a reason to get out of bed and helped her cope with everything she was / is going through. Thank you.”

Maddi (Jordyn’s Mum).

Registered Nurse and Quality and Safety Project Officer within the CICIU, Katelyn Nougher, has witnessed behavioural and physiological regulation in patients, with clinical evidence strongly supporting the effects of these strategies in reducing post – ICU or later life behavioural and developmental adverse outcomes.

Witnessed daily, the effects of Music therapy, encouraging relaxation, emotional regulation and providing comfort to both patients and carers in CICU.  Patients and families eagerly anticipate the arrival of ‘Music Monica, with her soothing tunes and calming voice, Monica’s presence helps to reset, re-centre and recalibrate.

“In the Children’s Intensive Care Unit (CICU), which is often a highly stimulative and fast-paced environment, relaxation or distraction techniques can help alleviate pain, fear and anxiety… and very few interventions are as universally effective as music therapy.”

Katelyn Nougher