Online Music Lessons for Children’s Mental Health During Lockdown

 New South Wales’ latest Covid-19 outbreak has forced many schools to close their doors, profoundly impacting students across the state. With the wellbeing of young people in mind, the Australian Children’s Music Foundation’s (ACMF) has responded with the creation of interactive, fun and engaging online music lessons. 

To support students in isolation in NSW, the ACMF is creating online content each week, which is then added to the school’s weekly curriculum. It was ACMF Music Teacher Rachel Scott who formulated an innovative solution. Working from home and armed with a whiteboard, a mobile phone, a Bluetooth speaker and an array of kitchen utensils – Rachel began recording short video lessons for each class group, based on the music lessons that she would normally deliver for classes in schools. Focused on enjoyable, engaging musical games, songs, note reading and percussion pieces (using buckets, spoons, pots, pans, and household items) Rachel has produced videos every week during the current Sydney lockdown, to keep her students engaged, entertained, and mentally stimulated. 

The response from parents, students, and teachers at the school has been overwhelmingly positive. Working closely with ACMF partner schools, these educational music videos have been distributed to children as part of the ongoing remote learning process – a welcome addition and variation from the learning activities that students are already provided. The new video music lessons are a testament to the Foundation’s eagerness to adapt to the needs of Australia’s children. This aligns with the charity’s mission to benefit the mental and emotional wellbeing of children and youth, through the magic of music.