New Richmond Brass Band Program – with Poly Global

New Richmond Brass Band Program – with Poly Global

Recently, the Australian Children’s Music Foundation (ACMF) partnered with Poly Global to deliver a constructive music program at Richmond West Primary School in Melbourne, Australia.

The Poly Global and ACMF Music Program will cultivate equal opportunity for students of Richmond West Primary by providing students of low socio-economic families’ access to necessary musical instruments and tuition as part of the schools Brass Band program.

Poly Global Executive Director Steve Wang said the company is proud to be able to support children and families in the local community at such an acute time.

“We are committed to cultivating a beautiful life for the communities we operate in and a core component in striving towards this goal is emphasised through our ongoing support of local community needs,” he said.

The timely launch follows six months of most primary students in Melbourne and surrounds restricted to remote, at-home learning, which experts say has significantly contributed to behavioural issues and decreased mental health in school aged children as a result of social isolation from peers and stress from the pressure of Covid-19 on family life.

ACMF Founder of the local non-profit Don Spencer said music helps children develop coping strategies for any past or future adversity, increasing their resilience as they transition through adolescence and into adulthood.

“Playing an instrument expands a child’s creativity and imagination by building positive neural pathways, while strengthening self-confidence and overall self-esteem. Nearly half of all child mental health disorders begin before the age of 14, and following the difficulties of the recent socially isolated restriction period we are proud to be able to contribute to cultivating a mentally healthy student community at Richmond West Primary,” said ACMF Founder Don Spencer.

Richmond West Primary School Principal Tip Kennedy said students were overwhelmingly grateful to receive the new musical instruments upon return to school at the beginning of Term 4.

“After months of managing the challenges of remote learning it was heartwarming to see the excitement on students’ faces when their new musical instruments arrived. By providing instruments to socio-economically disadvantaged students we are able to increase access to quality programs for all students at Richmond West. It’s programs like these that genuinely provide students the tools and resources to help them thrive. The social connections between students in the band help build a strong foundation for positive mental health and wellbeing.” said Ms Kennedy.

The music program will be offered to students from Grades 2 to 6 across a three-year period. It will provide a variety of brass instruments, including tubas, euphoniums, tenor horns, baritones and cornets. The program will also comprise of lessons for all Brass Band members, band rehearsals, performances both within the school and the broader community and further musical opportunities throughout the year.