ACMF presents ‘Little Rockers Jam Tent’ at Fairgrounds Festival 2019

ACMF presents ‘Little Rockers Jam Tent’ at Fairgrounds Festival 2019

Fairgrounds Festival is a yearly family-friendly music event held over two fun-filled days in Berry, New South Wales.

While the festival strives to ignite the passion of music lovers – it also aspires to feed the fertile minds of children, closely aligning with the values of the Australian Children’s Music Foundation (ACMF).

On 6 – 7 December 2019, in partnership with the festival, the ACMF presented its inaugural “Little Rockers Jam Tent” at Little Fairgrounds, a festival with the festival that’s just for kids.

Within the tent, our energetic ACMF music teacher and various volunteers played host to all sorts of fun musical activities for the little ones. Staff were on hand on both days of the festival to host music-making workshops, including music-related arts and crafts activities for all to enjoy.

Guests enjoyed a good time with live music, performers, magic shows and book readings from our very special guests, among other activities. The greater lineup of the festival at large included big name artists: Liam Gallagher of Oasis, Meg Mac, the DMA’s, and many more.

This event marked the start of a valued and ongoing partnership between Fairgrounds Festival and the Australian Children’s Music Foundation.