ACMF Music Program at Chatham Primary School, Taree

ACMF Music Program at Chatham Primary School, Taree

ACMF Music Teacher Matty Zarb with students of Chatham Primary School, Taree

Through the ACMF’s weekly music program, and with the help of their teacher Matty Zarb, the inspired students of Chatham Public Primary School Taree have been working on writing a beautiful school song together.

Student Trent Sender spoke of the positive experience he’s had in the program, saying, “it didn’t just teach us about music, it really showed us how to get out of our comfort zone. It killed some of the other things we had inside us, like when we were shy… and for other things that weren’t about music”.

The school song lyrics are completely original, and contributed by the students themselves: “Respect this land of Biripi, and our country too. It’s our responsibility, it’s written on our crest, endeavouring to lead the way, and do our very best.

Through music, school-aged children are able to find a voice, develop skills, and build confidence and enthusiasm for other aspects of life. The music program in Chatham Primary School is one of many others the ACMF are currently delivering nationally, with the hope of expanding its positive work.

The Australian Children’s Music Foundation endeavours to uphold its mission statement: “To provide free, long term music programs and instruments to disadvantaged and Indigenous children across Australia, inspiring creativity and imagination while nurturing self-esteem and confidence”.

Music programs in Taree are made possible through support from the Future Generations Fund (FGX), the Yulgilbar Foundation, and local Rotary Club fundraising.