We donated some wind instruments to Bega Valley Public School!

Last term, Bega Valley Public School (BVPS) asked us if we would be able to donate wind instruments to their blossoming music program at BVPS. We recently received this lovely letter from the principal after donating some!
“We were delighted to receive two saxophones, a trumpet and a trombone. These instruments are now in use by Andrew Parsons, Chelsea Balcomb & Kaya Wilson – all in year three. Pictured below with our principal Mrs Carolyn Nugent. We will be auditioning players for the trombone this week.”
These instruments will be helping students learn and grow for many years to come at BVPS.
We have a significant population of disadvantaged students attend Bega Valley Public School. We have seen first hand the positive impact music education and opportunity has on our student’s educational outcomes and sense of well-being. BVPS supports music education in the school through a rock band and concert band program, choir, ukulele, and guitar group, recorder group and Samba Band, along with a quality classroom music program. The donation from ACMF will enable students, who would otherwise not have had the opportunity, learn these instruments.
We are very appreciative of the donation from ACMF.”