Letter of appreciation for the Joel Abernethy Scholarship

Letter of appreciation for the Joel Abernethy Scholarship

Jen Maher was this year’s recipient of the Joel Abernethy scholarship, and her mother sent ACMF teacher Rachel a lovely letter expressing her gratitude for the scholarship and Rachel, and the positive effect it has had on her daughter, Jen.

Jen spent a week in Sydney making music with Peter Northcote (she has a completed recording of a song showcasing her amazing vocal skills), attending gigs, jamming with ACMF staff, and learning new skills.

Jen’s mother said “As parents from a rural and remote community, we see the benefits that raising your children in the country bring. However, there are also downsides. My partner and I are not musical AT ALL. We can offer very little in the way of advice on playing, performing or career options when it comes to music. With opportunities such as those Jen experienced during her week-long stay in Sydney, we are able to give her what we consider, the best of both worlds.”

If you would like to donate to the scholarship and help provide support and encouragement to young ACMF students, follow this link:http://acmf.com.au/product/joel-abernethy-advantage/

We appreciate all of your help and support!