Music giving children confidence..

We love sharing stories from some of our programs. this one is from one of the Sunshine Kindergartens with ACMF teacher, Sue. It really captures the essence of the music program she runs.

“There’s a little girl who doesn’t speak at kinder – ever. She can speak but just doesn’t. Whilst playing a game of ‘Guess This Song” where I sing and play just the first few notes of a song without the words as an aural training exercise I could see that this silent child had the answer on the tip-of-her-tongue!!! So i gave her a clue by making a “duck” puppet with my hand (the song was Five Little Ducks). Whilst I kept silently “quacking” in her face she finally blurted out with “What IS that??!!!” It was so funny and completely gorgeous. I of course said “It’s a DUCK!” And we all laughed. Another little child who I think has Autism and normally did nothing but draw was captivated when I started to play my ukulele. He left his drawing altogether and listened intently for aaaaaages. When I stopped he’d take my strumming hand and “start me up again”. I must have played at least a dozen songs for him from all sorts of genres. I try to make sure that there’s heaps of activity in my classes that doesn’t require any understanding of English. Seeing the new arrivals begin to relax and readily participate is incredibly heartwarming! I can literally see it helping them to integrate”.

ACMF teacher Sue and her students at Sunshine East.