$2500 Fundraised at Newington College

$2500 Fundraised at Newington College

Jacob Lawler from Newington College came into the office and presented us with a cheque for a whopping $2500 from a fundraising concert him and his peers held!

Jacob approached us about the fundraiser earlier this year. He said “..As part of our IDBP all students must complete a CAS project. This can be of ranging nature but must help the community. For our project, a few peers and I have organised a small team of IB music students who will work with music students from one of Newington College’s primary school campus’ in Stanmore. We have engaged with them in a series of activities and tutorials focusing on the themes and ideas surrounding world and chamber music over half a term. These weekly rehearsals will culminate in a concert at Newington College’s main campus hall. This will occur at the completion of the project to showcase their new found skills in the focus areas that were developed.”

What an amazing achievement and a successful fundraiser! Jacob has already started talking about a fundraiser part 2.

A HUGE thank you Jacob and everyone else involved! We really appreciate when people offer to fundraise for the ACMF.


Pictured is Ben, our Operations Manager and Jacob.