ACMF Teacher Rachel’s Account of Open Day at Hillston Central School!

As part of Rachel’s visit for term 3, Hillston Central School celebrated Education Week and held an Open Day. The choir performed, the band played, the school cafe (run by senior students) was open and teachers had open classrooms. There was also an invitation for pre-schoolers to come and see ‘big school’ – they did some activities in the classroom, and then joined Rachel (and a few of her helpers from year 5) for a music lesson – lots of singing, playing and smiling!
Rachel had another great week ‘out west’ giving class lessons to all of K-6, running djembe classes for years 7 – 10, holding after-school djembe classes for teachers, teaching the choir new songs and making lots of noise! She also stayed for ‘Hillston’s Got Talent’ on Friday – a celebration of music, song, gymnastics and local talent. She had a ball!