Singing on a Monday….

After a term of hard work, ACMF teacher Rachel and the senior choir at Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Waterloo went on a mini-tour around the community. The children chose eight of their favourite songs they had learned that term, and polished them to perfection. Eight children learned little introductions to the songs, and the portable sound system was charged and ready to go.

First stop was the local care facility, Annie Green Court. The children sang to a number of residents, who joined in with some of the traditional songs – lots of smiles and laughter! Then they headed off to Redfern Woolworths where, to the delight of local shoppers, community members, families and the local MP, Ron Hoenig, they sang up a storm. Then back at school, they sang again for the rest of the school. What a day!

The children sang like angels, behaved beautifully and saw that music can be shared by everyone – young, old and everything in between!