The power of drumming…

So many of our programs involve drumming. Drumming in bands, drumming djembes, drumming feed containers, drumming weed-killer containers (washed, of course!)…. drumming whatever our teachers can find. And our teachers tell us over and over how much the children love it.

We has this story sent to us not-so-long-ago, and it really highlights the transformative power of music – especially drumming!

“During this semester there was a year 8 student who had often been exited from classes for his behaviour throughout the year. ACMF teacher S managed to have him as one of the drum leaders, a position that he managed to really succeed in. Not once was he exited from a music class. Today the students performed for the Year 6’s at the orientation day and he was one of the students leading the way and teaching the younger students the different drum patterns that they were using. This was a story that really stood out for me as I had previously had issues with this student so it was amazing to see his transformation when he was given some responsibility in a different setting.”