News from our program at the Sydney Children’s Hospital…

News from our program at the Sydney Children’s Hospital…

We are very proud of our program at the Sydney Children’s Hospital, and our wonderful therapist who works there, Matt. This story pretty much sums up how important it is….

“Earlier this year, 6 year old Gina suffered a debilitating brain infection. This resulted in a life threatening loss of movement and ability to communicate and interact with the world. Gina has spent many months in hospital on the intensive care and neuro wards. Gina’s parents and little sister have shown incredible strength and resilience in being beside their daughter each day to provide her with the care and love needed to slowly increase Gina’s functioning and well-being.

Music Therapy has provided regular sessions throughout Gina’s stay, as the outcomes of her connection and response to music has been noted by her parents and other health teams. Often it has been during a music therapy session that a “first” has occurred. Her first smile, her first vocalization, her first body roll and movement. Gina has only recently developed the ability to “blow a kiss” and this has been a significant achievement
and milestone in her challenging journey.

Music therapy has played an essential role in creating an expressive and friendly hospital environment to encourage Gina to explore, communicate, engage and relax on her ongoing path to strength and well-being.”