A BIG ‘thank you’ to the Future Generation Fund!

A BIG ‘thank you’ to the Future Generation Fund!

A HUGE thank you to one of our donors – the Future Generation Fund (made up of FGX and FGG). They are on track to donate $6.82 million dollars to a number of charities – and we are one of those!

This funding goes towards music programs for children in the Taree Schools Group, on the Mid-North Coast of NSW, and the Sunshine Schools Group in Melbourne. Overall, programs operate in 14 schools and kindergartens, employing 9 teachers and reaching over 2000 students each week.

The children in these programs are from extremely diverse cultural backgrounds – many in Taree are Indigenous, and many of those in Sunshine are refugees, with over 40 different nationalities represented in the community. All are from low socio-economic areas.

As a result of the ACMF music programs in these areas, students are singing together, playing together and learning together, regardless of background, religion, race or language group affiliation. Attendance and classroom discipline has improved, and the student’s self-esteem and creativity has increased.