For all you Primary teachers out there – we have teaching resources just for you!

Our Education Manager, Rachel Scott, has been teaching for us for 15 years now, and is often asked by teachers if she can help with a class performance for assemblies linked to ANZAC Day, or Harmony Day or NAIDOC week. She’s also been approached by teachers wanting copies of Don Spencer’s songs, with a few teaching ideas.

Over the last nine months, when she hasn’t been teaching in schools, she’s been writing teaching resources with Sarah Conolan, who helps run all our programs. They’ve come up with eight now – and three new ones have just been uploaded here.There’s now a teaching pack based around ANZAC Day, Harmony Day, Christmas time, NAIDOC week, and three more based around our CEO and Founder Don Spencer’s songs using ‘Feathers, Fur or Fins’, ‘Crocodile’ and ‘Jaws and Teeth’.

We think they are great fun – a chance to bring music into classrooms, linked with all sorts of other activities, and everything is linked to the National ACARA Curriculum. All the proceeds will go straight into more of our programs – so everyone wins! Want to have a look at them? Just go here