Our teachers are all pretty special….

Our teachers are all pretty special….

Our ACMF teachers always go WAY above and beyond for their students, but one of our teachers, Glenn, who works at a NSW Juvenile Justice Centre, is really astonishing. We’ve just received this email from the Centre where he teaches:

“Glenn does an amazing job working with our clients here and we have had some great outcomes of late. We do mix it up a little here with Glenn’s help to keep our clients interested (doing performances with Glenn and clients for the rest of the centre and guests, and we try once a month to do a taco night where Glenn comes in and has dinner with the clients in one of our Units and then has a jam session for the Unit with our ACMF clients playing along! This has worked great in helping these clients with their confidence in performing in front of a crowd) we try to think outside of the box here as much as possible!

Glenn is currently putting together some recordings of our clients (a lot of which has been in his own time) to show our clients that they have the ability to pursue music as a career if they commit to it.”

Thankyou Glenn, for all the paid, AND unpaid hours you do to make these children’s lives much more positive.