Did you catch the story of one of our programs on Channel 7’s “Sunrise” last week?

Channel Seven’s breakfast program has a segment on it called “The Story of my Life” – and last Friday, February 10, it featured a story called “Fighting for a Second Chance” all abut our music program at the Dorchester Education Unit at Reiby Juvenile Justice Centre (JJC) in Airds, NSW. The link to the story is here, if you missed it (or want to watch it again!). We are all really pleased with it, for so many reasons.

We’re so proud of the kids in the program – and thought they spoke about their lives, their hopes and their music making so powerfully.

We’re so proud of our teacher who is there, Brad, and the marvellous work he does there each week.

We’re so pleased that the team from ‘Sunrise’ filmed it so sensitively – a huge thank you to Edwina Bartholomew for understanding what it is we do!

And we’re so pleased with the response! Please share the clip and spread the word – we’re so proud of our ‘juvy’ programs.