A BIG thank you to Chris Radford, our new guitar re-conditioner!

We use guitars in all sorts of programs – in schools, in juvies, in drop-in centres – they are one of the instruments we use the most. Often people donate their old guitars to us, but a lot of the time, these instruments need a bit of work to get them just right again – especially if they are going off to beginners. (Its a lot easier to achieve more on a well set-up guitar!) Often, the cost of setting up a ‘recycled’ guitar is more than buying a new one…

But here’s where the story gets really good…

We got an email a little while back from Chris Radford, who runs a business on the North Shore of Sydney, repairing and restoring vintage audio/turntables/radios – and also setting up guitars. He’d read about what we do, and has offered to restore ALL the guitars we have in our store-room to the best standard he can – all for nothing. It’s his way of lending us a hand.

Chris, we can’t thank you enough!

Just as an aside, if you have vintage audio gear, and need it restored, you can read about Chris and his work here, or follow him on facebook here