Another great week at Hillston Central School!

Another great week at Hillston Central School!

Our Education Manager, and longest-serving teacher, Rachel Scott has just returned from a fabulous week in a remote school in NSW, Hillston Central. You can see all the pictures from her visit here – we guarantee you’ll smile!

You might have heard Rachel and Don talking on ‘Australia All Over’ the Sunday she left – the program has been running since 2007, and is still growing from strength to strength. All of the primary teachers at the school receive a term’s-worth of lessons from Rachel every time she visits so the music lessons for the children run throughout the year. There’s a choir that sings at all sorts of town events, and another teacher runs a drumming program for the secondary children. This visit, our Operations Manager, Ben Sibson (also an excellent drummer), went out with her to help with the drumming program and work with some more advanced students.

There was a big school concert on Thursday, which was a great success! Lots of music, lots of laughter and lots of fun was had by all…..

This program wouldn’t be possible without the private funders who so generously support this program – they are making such a huge difference to so many children – and we send them a huge THANK YOU!