Great news from the Tiwi Islands…

Great news from the Tiwi Islands…

We’ve just got a beautiful email from one of the Assistant Principals at a school we’re in – its from Murrupurtiyanuwu Catholic Primary School on the Tiwi Islands.

He writes … “All is going well with the ACMF program. Joshua from the ACMF has just been here and there is always plenty of enthusiasm and motivation in his lessons. The highlight this term was the request that Joshua made to staff to integrate classroom work/themes into his program. This is proving very successful with most classes taking up the offer. Consequently there is a lot of differentiation amongst classes and learning that is relevant. Song writing is one of the highlights.

We are very pleased with Joshua’s commitment and the results that he is getting from the students.

The ACMF is important funding to our school as music education is  important to these remote indigenous students. Without your support music lessons would be very limited at our school. We are very grateful for the support that we receive twice a term for four days at a time. Many thanks for your continued support.”

We love getting these sorts of emails – and love sharing the news from all our programs and enjoying all the great things our wonderful team of teachers are doing. The picture is of the fabulous Josh in action….