A beautiful story from one of our programs in South Australia…

Here’s a beautiful story from one of our programs at a Juvenile Justice Centre in Adelaide – it’s worth a read, and will bring a tear to your eye…. It makes us so very proud of what we do, and the tachers who work for us.

“Recently, a 16 year old boy came to our school. He is a young Indigenous boy, small in stature, with a quiet disposition. Immediately he became a target for other students and he was bullied by others on a daily basis. On day, in a very quiet voice, he asked me if it was possible to go into the ACMF music class as he would love to learn how to play guitar and has never had an opportunity to do so. He began playing the guitar at every possible opportunity.
Today, we held a whole-of-centre Assembly to acknowledge students’ academic achievements and celebrate the NAIDOC week. This young man performed in the school band and performed in two musical pieces. His performance was outstanding, his self esteem high as he received positive responses from his peers and staff. We are very proud of his achievements and the enormous distance travelled. He is no longer bullied by others but held in high esteem.”