Music programs in ‘juvies’…. from an ACMF perspective.

Music programs in ‘juvies’…. from an ACMF perspective.

There’s a lot of talk about Juvenile Justice Centres at the moment – and we have music programs in so many of them around the country. We have amazing musicians that go in to work with these kids, every week – and have some fabulous stories come back to us. Here’s one from our teacher in Alice Springs… it’s a long post – but really worth a read. (It’ll make you smile – promise!)

“I see improvements in class with extremely troubled and behaviourally difficult students as they open up, learn to trust and contribute more to lessons. They first appear ashamed, difficult to engage and withdraw in the initial instance rather than speak, participate or show enthusiasm for school. Over time, the students begin to laugh and smile, become more confident in playing an instrument and contribute to class songs and ‘jams’.

The students grow so much during the term by verbally articulating how much they “can’t wait” for music, ask, “when are you coming back?” and the teachers themselves report the obvious increase in student enthusiasm, energy and positive disposition of the students after lunch in anticipation for music lessons. The positive reports we receive come after students have been released from detention and participate in our community programs – music, sport, town school lessons and show their plaice outlook and re-integration into community life.

One 15 year old student who comes from a remote community, has a long history of crime and abuse in his family indicated this year, that he wants to play guitar at the local weekly ‘jam night’ in Alice Springs, wants to pursue more opportunities to play and has personally visited our local recording studio/label CAAMA Music so that he can set a goal to maybe one day become a recording artist. His life will dramatically be transformed if music becomes a strong part of his life.”