Thank you Future Generation Investment Company!

One of our wonderful supporters is the Future Generation Investment Company (FGX), who co-fund our programs in a whole bunch of schools in Taree (NSW) and Sunshine (VIC). Brad, our music teacher at one of our primary schools just told us this: “I find a great majority of the kids really want to participate and are willing to learn… they get great satisfaction out of these lessons. Whether it’s guitar, drums or simple rhythm training, I have kids excel beyond my belief. Some may have trouble with behaviour and social problems but music can be, and is, in my experience hugely beneficial to these kids. For some it may be one of the biggest things they take away from their schooling…

The best example is one of my students in Year 6. He has behaviour problems, and is constantly in trouble at school. He has a hard time concentrating in class but he is one of my best students! He comes in to my music room early before school bringing in guitars and amps. In my guitar class he is helpful to other students, trying to find the right fingering for chords. Clearly music is his thing! Music is the one thing he knows he can excel at and contribute to… in the words of Albert Einstein “Everyone is a genius! But if you judge a fish on how well he can climb a ladder, he will believe he is stupid his whole life!” ” 

Thank you FGX and all our other fantastic supporters for making such a difference to the lives of children in need around Australia.