A new CD at the ACMF office

A little while ago we got a CD delivered to the ACMF office, full of happy songs! (Look at the joy from the photo above…. It radiates from the songs we’ve heard!)It was a present from one of our fabulous teachers, Josh Tarca. Josh flies in and out rotating between the schools on the islands, plus visiting the mainland school every week – he’s pretty busy, and he’s very used to ‘touring’.

Josh teaches singing, songwriting, rhythm and music theory – he has even learnt to speak a bit of Tiwi so he can write songs and talk with his students in their own language! Late last year, Josh embarked on an amazing recording project with his students on the Tiwi Islands, where he worked with students from three different schools over several weeks to write and record a CD, ‘We Are All Tiwi Kids’. The students worked with Josh to write the songs, sing on every track, and they even designed the cover artwork!

A big thank you to the Tim Fairfax Foundation for their continued support of the program – and a huge congratulations to all these young singer/ songwriters. We loved listening to your songs!