Meet Liam, one of our ACO scholarship recipients!

We help all sorts of kids – and today we’d like to introduce you to Liam. He used to be at Soldiers’ Settlement School and has moved on to high school. Due to support from the Australian Chamber Orchestra, we’ve been able to help Liam’s family with some of the fees needed for his lessons. Here’s what Liam’s mum said to us….
“Liam visits Mr Leo every week without exception. These visits have highs and lows depending on Liam’s’ focus that week. Liam practices every afternoon, seven days a week (except when life gets in the way, occasional excess homework, or getting home very late!). As Liam began High School at South Sydney High School this year, we are juggling new routines, but violin has remained a constant. Another constant is the dedication Mr Leo has to his students, and every week Liam wants to try to fix any problems from the week before. Both Liam and I feel it keenly when Leo is not happy! Liam is currently working toward his first violin exam and says he will definitely fix his mistakes to get a good result – I know he will try his best! Thank you to the ACMF and the ACO for helping Liam to keep playing.”