Our National Songwriting Competition is now closed!

A huge congratulations to everyone who has entered this year. We have had an incredible number of entries this year and the level of talent is astounding….we are extremely excited about the judging. It’s going to be a very hard job though!

Winners will be announced on Monday, 16th November and would like to wish everyone who entered the best of luck….and no matter what happens, never give up your dream!

Full details on all of our prizes can be found here.

Ahead of the final judging, we asked our Ambassador and Judge, Rob Mills for some of his top tips for all the young songwriters among you out there….

Rob Mills

Q: When did you start writing your own songs?

A: When I was a kid… It started as poetry and funny rhymes in birthday cards for friends.

Q: What inspires you creatively?

A: I love the outdoors, and I really enjoy collaborating with other musicians.

Q: Who has been the most influential songwriter in your life? Why?

A: I loved Rob Thomas and Matchbox 20 when I was growing up. They wrote about relationship and what was happening in their lives. That’s what I have always tried to do. Tell stories that are personal to me.

Q: Has anything ever gone completely wrong with your music?

A: Well, I haven’t released anything in years…

Q: Can you please give us 3 top tips for young songwriters?

  1. Just write non stop for 5 mins then build up to 10 – 15 mins etc. Free writing is great to stop you from judging your work before it’s finished.
  1. Finish a song. It doesn’t have to be the best. But finish it first and then decide.
  1. Collaborate with others.