Andrew Hagger welcomes Don Spencer on stage

Andrew Hagger welcomes Don Spencer on stage

Andrew Hagger, Head of Private Wealth for NAB, and part-time classical musician has selected ACMF as one of 4 charities to benefit from CD sales and profits from his concerts from this week!

Andrew is a pianist and composer with two albums under his belt, and his newest, Vivid, on the way.

Last night our very own Don Spencer was invited to speak on stage at Andrew’s Melbourne concert to 110 corporate sponsors.

Music is a critical part of every child’s social, emotional, physical and behavioural development. It encourages creativity, imagination and self-expression, develops literacy and numeracy, increases confidence and self-esteem and most importantly, brings joy, happiness and pride. However, sadly for many students deprived of access to a music education, they are never exposed to the crucial benefits of music and the arts for their health and wellbeing. We passionately believe that all students must have an equal chance to experience the magic of music in their education.

Through his music, Andrew provides awareness, financial support and hope to a number of not-for-profit organisations doing important work in Australia. We are incredibly humbled and thankful to be included as one of Andrew’s preferred charities, and it is through supporters like Andrew that we can continue to bring the joy of music to Australia’s disadvantaged children and youth at risk.

Thank you Andrew for this excellent opportunity…