Changing lives through music…

Changing lives through music…


Torrens Bell has just completed Year 6 at Soldiers’ Settlement School, Matraville, and has shown promising talent as a violinist and chorister. Coming from a difficult family situation, Torrens (and her sister Maya) was moved to Sydney to be cared for by her grandparents. Torrens has now won a scholarship to a boarding school in Brisbane which she is very excited about! To mark this wonderful achievement, the ACMF wanted to give her her own violin so that she can continue playing. Thanks to the kindness of Shelly Rafferty, ACMF Boardmember, she has given Torrens her own violin that she used to play. 


The picture below was taken when Torrens, Maya, Gaye & Graham (Torrens’ grandparents) came into the ACMF office to receive the gift and play a special version of Don Spencer’s song “Panda”. It was such a memorable occasion and we wish Torrens all the very best for her new school!


Gaye & Graham could not be more thankful to the ACMF and the music programs offered at the Soldier’s Settlement School – they truely believe that this opportunity has changed her life and has given her such hope for the future.