Congratulations to all our Winners and Highly Commended award recipients!

Congratulations to all our Winners and Highly Commended award recipients!

The ACMF would like to congratulate each and every entrant of our National Songwriting Competition. It was an incredibly year of young talent, making it very difficult for our esteemed judging panel to choose a winner.


Please see below the Winners and Highly Commended award recipients from this year’s National Songwriting Competition.


K – 2 Category: 


1st Place: Free Range Chicken by Zara White



Highly Commended:


The Perfect Christmas Day by Jordan Kharbat


I Can Fly by Indigo Loki Aurora


Why by Ruby Stockden


I Don’t Know What To Write by Gabrielle Bouwhius, Lucy Carlos, Amelia Coppin.



Year 3 & 4 Category 


1st Place: Best Friend by Aya Sayed Ahmad



Highly Commended:


Freedom by Sophie Oates


Rock to Infinity – Oscar Del Vecchio


Love You Mum – Zac Jancetic 


Year 5 & 6 Category: 


1st Place: Differences by Coco and Levi Dwyer


Coco and Levi are brother and sister and have been playing together for 2-3 years.   The song “Differences” is about people seeing the world in different ways but still trying to get along.


Highly Commended:


A Song for Alice by Shailani Thomas


Listen To My Warning by Grade 4/5/6 from Main Arm Upper Primary School


Super Hero – Tallulah Katherine Jakins


The Land I Love – Celine Penny and Charlize Dershow



Primary Instrumental: 


1st Place: Snowy Winter by Anton Pokryshevsky


Highly Commended:


Ghosts at Midnight by Eric Bai


Searching for Answers – Liam Broeksteeg



Year 7 & 8 Category


1st Place: Ain’t About Boys by Kaitlyn Thomas


Kaitlyn is a young country singer from Victoria. Kaitlyn felt that a lot of her peers would spend the majority of their days at school, following, caring and practically stalking the boys.  Upset with the situation and knowing that there is more to life than boys, she put her feelings down in a song.  ‘Aint About Boys’ tells us that life shouldn’t revolve around 1 thing in life.


2nd Place: Lullaby by Alfie Wall


Alfie Wall is a young singer/songwriter and regular busker from Sydney.  He is an only child but the song “Lullaby” is written about a pretend brother or sister. 


3rd Place: The Stand In by Joely and Micaela Osfield


Highly Commended: Today by Amethyst Gration



Year 9 & 10 Category 


1st Place: Bleeding Lines by Caitlin Gardner

Caitlin is a Year 10 Student from South Australia. Caitlin is the recipient of the 50 Songs in 5 Days Songwriting Camp prize and will be attending the camp this week. 



2nd Place: Back To The Stars – Frank Dixon

Frank Dixon is 15 years old and has been writing original songs since the age of 9. He has been recognised internationally for his music. 



3rd Place: Tracks by Priyanka Franciss



Highly Commended:


Good Intentions by Matilda Pungitore



Year 11 & 12 Category: 


1st Place: Mirror Mirror by Alana Patmore



2nd Place: Something Blue by Damon Langley

Damon Langley is an 18 year old student from South Australia. After playing saxophone for many years, he moved in the realm of guitar and songwriting and found his passion.



3rd Place: Stepping Stones by Brittney Kahl


Highly Commended:


Teja’s Boyfriend by Miles Robert Elkington


Miles’ band ran a competition to have a song written about them. The winner of the competition was the girlfriend of the band’s drummer. 


Highly Commended: Wanderlust Adventures by Shanae Masters



Classical Instrumental: 


1st Place: Sonata for String Quartet in C Minor by Nayeem Halim


2nd Place: Caldera by Joel Launder


3rd Place: Nautilus by Naomi Ng


Highly Commended: For Glory by Glen Bussey



Contemporary Instrumental


1st Place: It Gets Better by Glen Bussey


2nd Place: Peace by Michael Rawlings


3rd Place: Dawn by Ethan French


Highly Commended: Rhubarb by Elijah Bradbury