ACMF CONNECT in action

ACMF CONNECT in action


The Royal Australian Navy Band musicians continue to support the ACMF and Hillston Central School band students by delivering Master Classes via video conference from the Sydney Distance Education High School in Woolloomooloo.
Wednesday 22 July, ACMF CEO and Founder, Don Spencer called in to see Able Seaman Emma teaching Hillston flautist Amelia and her pal a few Beethoven basics.  The ACMF would like to acknowledge the ongoing support for this program from the Navy Band, and particularly thank the individual musicians who make this program a reality for the kids in Hillston.  Thank you too to Robin Bartholomew at Hillston Central School for her role in organising and managing all of the lessons and co-ordinating the two bands that are now operating in the high school.
Imagine Beethoven’s astonishment to hear music he composed nearly 250 years ago being taught via videoconference to a school he would never even have imagined existing!