The show must go on for one!

The show must go on for one!


One of the over 300 performers from Wednesday’s Good Day Sunshine concert, young Harry Forsberg, from Dinjerra Primary School, deserves a special call out.  Harry had come straight from hospital, where he had been recovering from an emergency appendectomy.


In the ambulance on his way to hospital between big puffs on a Pethidine dispenser he had lamented that he was going to miss out the drumming performance.  Five days later the RCH very kindly put him first in line to be discharged that morning to make sure Harry didn’t miss his big day.  His Mum brought him along and thanked us for the music program – she told us that without the ACMF Harry would miss out on his favourite activities – performing and making music.

Here is a of photo of the determined little boy, proving in his own passionate way that the Show Must Go On!