Teacher of the month

Teacher of the month

Bec Laughton

Bec Laughton teaches for the ACMF at the Aboriginal & Islander Independent Community School (Murri School) in Acacia Ridge in Brisbane. Bec’s full of ideas about new musical experiences she can bring to the kids at the school – last year she even managed to get Beyoncé’s band to visit while they were in Brisbane. The band played for the kids, then the kids performed for the band. Bec said ‘to watch their little faces light up with what I know was an experience they will cherish forever’ was the highlight of her year.

 Bec has discovered a lot of drumming talent among the kids and at the end of last year asked us to find a drum kit for them. At the same time, Tony Kershaw in Melbourne offered us one that used to belong to his nephew, now a professional basketballer in the US. But getting it to Brisbane from Melbourne was proving difficult until Bec arrived in Melbourne a couple of weekends ago. Suddenly it all came together. Tony delivered the drums to our fantastic Melbourne teacher Mark Grunden, who packed them into boxes, then Bec picked them up and took them to the airport where Virgin let her fly all 50 odd kgs of drums to Brisbane for free! Thanks to everyone involved – Tony, Mark, Virgin Airlines and of course Bec, the Murri school kids are loving having them and making great use of them.

Bec has a new single out,  Number 1 (Heartbreak) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=baMvbVagKwM and will be touring Australia later this year. And here’s one of her earlier videos http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kdX8EHd3lE8

Facebook page. www.facebook.com/beclaughton

Here’s a photo Bec sent of the kids with their new drum kit…..