Australian Chamber Orchestra at Sunshine Harvester

The Australian Chamber Orchestra (ACO) and the Australian Children’s Music Foundation (ACMF) will join forces to further expand the musical experiences for all Sunshine Harvester Primary School (SHPS) students and the school community.  At present, all classes recieve regular music lessons from the wonderful ACMF teachers, Bronwyn Calcutt and Mark Grunden.  A quartet from the ACO is planning to visit the school later in the year to give concert for all students and staff.

From left: A/Prof Neryl Jeanneret (Music Academic from Melbourne University), Mark Grunden (ACMF Music Teacher), Paul Griffin (Principal SHPS), Phillippa Martin (ACO Education Manager), Carolyn Kutsura (Assistant Principal SHPS), Maureen Crowley (SHPS Welfare Officer), Timothy Calnin (ACOF General Manager and Browyn Calcutt (ACMF Music Teacher).