Anne McNamee – Teacher of the month

Anne McNamee – Teacher of the month

Anne McNamee is one of our newest teachers.  She’s an experienced children’s music teacher and entertainer, whose passions are singing, ukulele and piano accordion.

She started working for the ACMF in September last year at the Belyuen School, an indigenous community school a couple of hours drive out of Darwin, and proved a big hit there.  The Principal noted a marked improvement in student behaviour, attendance and confidence, and one of the kids commented that after music class she felt ‘joyful and happy, because it put a lot of happiness in my body’.

This year Anne has added the three primary indigenous schools on the Tiwi Islands to her ACMF teaching schedule – Milikapiti, Pularumpi and the Catholic school, MCPS.  She flies out to each school a couple of days a week, and is already achieving great results there too.

Anne also teaches at the Blaydin Point APOD, an immigration detention centre near Darwin, where she teaches singing and music to kids aged from babies to teenagers each Saturday afternoon.