A message from 1st place winner for Category C in 2012 National Songwriting Competition – Jackson Hurwood

“When I won the ACMF Songwriters competition I felt fantastic.  I had a lot of people come up to me, including kids and teachers at my school  I’d never met before saying ‘are you Jackson Hurwood?’.That was a brilliant song you wrote’. I got lots of positive and constructive feedback and I bought a great keyboard with my winnings. Afterwards I made another music video for the song in my media class at school which was popular with my friends and I planned on putting it on youtube (I haven’t really got around to that yet but I might still). I feel that through winning the ACMF National Songwriters competition, I  learned a lot about my songwriting, and I am inspired to continue with it.After I won the ACMF National Songwriters Competition I then proceeded to enter and win APRA’s Junior Tropscore Competition which was awesome fun because I got to perform my winning entry at the Sydney Myer Music bowl. I am now in the middle of writing music and script and rehearsing for my school musical. We are writing our own original musical and the song I wrote for the ACMF competition is part of it!  It has been heaps of fun and I have written a lot of material for it. I am planning on properly recording (in a studio) a couple of original songs this term and that should be heaps of fun. One of the songs is a rap and the other is a pop style similar to.. Ed Sheeran I guess..? Anyway I am still trying out new styles and discovering who I am as a musician and I am having a heap of fun on the way! The ACMF song writing competition is awesome and a great thing to have a go at!”

Please encourage the children of Australia to enter ACMF National Songwriting Competition – Entree is free! 

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