Leading PR Agency Supports ACMF

Leading PR Agency Supports ACMF

Australia’s leading publicity agency, eckfactor, is supporting the ACMF on a pro bono basis for our Duets concert on Monday October 14 at the Capitol Theatre.

Managing director Karen Eck will spearhead the agency’s publicity on Duets. She is experienced in driving campaigns for some of the biggest names in entertainment, such as Oprah Winfrey, Donald Trump, Cesar Millan and countless other stars touring Australia. She has orchestrated star-studded campaigns for industry events such as the 11th ASTRA Awards and the Nickelodoen Kids’ Choice Awards. With her renowned passion and energy, she will drive greater awareness for Duets.

“Music is important in my life and in my children’s lives and I love what Don Spencer and the ACMF set out to do – providing musical instruments and programs to young people across Australia. Their work and achievements should not go unnoticed,” Ms Eck said.

“It’s a brilliant organisation and I know the concert featuring about 20 talented and diverse artists will be hugely entertaining and rewarding. Every ticket sold is a seat for a child’s future.” www.eckfactor.com