From left: Don Spencer OAM, Founder. Dr Michele Bruniges, NSW Director General of Education. Lieutenant Commander Paul Cottier, Director of Music RAN, David McLeod, NSW Leader-Rural and Distance Education, Tim Freedman, ACMF Board Member Wednesday May 20th, Launch of ACMF CONNECT.

ACMF CONNECT is a program designed by the Australian Children’s Music Foundation to use video conferencing technology as an educational tool to share music between urban and isolated children and their teachers.

More than 75% of public schools in Australia do not have the funds to provide a specialised music teacher, therefore, many children and youth are unable to enjoy the many benefits of music education.

The inaugural model for ACMF CONNECT is the Hillston community in regional NSW where the public school doesn’t have a specialist music teacher on staff.

ACMF CONNECT is a unique opportunity for disadvantaged and isolated children to have one-on-one lessons with professional musicians and teachers.

The alliance between the Royal Australian Navy Band (RAN Band) and the ACMF will play a pivotal role in ACMF CONNECT.  Over the past 12 months The RAN Band has performed and work-shopped music sessions at urban and regional schools in NSW as part of ACMF free music education programs.

Mr David McLeod, NSW Leader of Rural and Distance Education recently commented that ACMF CONNECT  “…is the first ongoing tutorial and mentoring program of its kind.”

Sponsorship opportunities of ACMF CONNECT are currently available.


ACMF CONNECT is delivered via interactive video conferencing and offers the following suite of products:

  • Master Classes
  • Music Pals
  • Professional Development
  1. Master Classes

On behalf of the ACMF, professional city based musicians and music teachers conduct Master Classes with isolated students and their teachers.

These real time, video conferenced Master Classes give students and their teachers a unique opportunity to interact with and learn from professionals while sharing the joy of music.

The initial Master Classes are being delivered in conjunction with the Sydney detachment of the Royal Australian Navy Band, linking them with 20 beginner band students from Hillston Central School in the Riverina District of NSW.

The tyranny of distance disappears as Royal Australian Navy Band musicians provide music lessons for ACMF CONNECT to the fledgling concert band at Hillston Central School in regional NSW.

           2. Music Pals

The ACMF has developed this exchange program for country and city children to share and hone their music skills together via Skyping.

Children are matched by instrument, gender and age with their parents supervising each weekly music exchange.

The first ACMF Music Pals are Zoe Loxley Slump from Sydney Secondary College, Balmain and Sophie Currie from Hillston.  Both girls play the clarinet and share each others passion for music.

Many miles apart but through ACMF CONNECT learning and sharing their passion for music, Zoe Loxley Slump from Balmain and Sophie Currie from Hillston.

         3. Professional Development

The ACMF is developing a series of step-by-step audio visuals lessons to train teachers in schools where no dedicated music teacher is employed.

The series, which covers the stages of introducing and teaching percussion, has strong links to the NSW Creative Arts Curriculum.

ACMF Curriculum Developer and teacher Rachel Scott, filming a lesson for ACMF CONNECT Professional Development.