Day 19 of 50in50 tour

James Johnson is at Day 19 of his 50 gigs in 50 days tour and reports that on the exhausted scale of 10 he’s already about a 5!
Not surprising though when you hear about some of the experiences he and his band The Drift have had to endure so far…. last night while driving in the dark to Uluru, a freak storm hit the outback and trapped them in the middle of the road with the water rising all around them!  So they just had to sit tight in the van during the night and wait for the water to subside.  When it finally did a few hours ago they were able to head off again and are now sitting overlookingAyers Rock
It’a turning into the journey of a lifetime for James and the boys and the ACMF is so proud to be a part of it.  We are going to courier snorkles to them immediately – just in case!