A celebration concert continues- Seaford Park Primary School in the media!

Seaford Park’s principal received this kind email from a gentleman who attended ‘A Celebration Concert in Melbourne recently.  We had to share!

Seaford Park Choir and all teachers involved

I was fortunate enough to be in the crowd to see your school stand proudly. As with many in the crowd, I was with a close friend and supporting his daughter who is Dance Captain on ‘Chitty Chitty’ and sang behind your group toward the end of your act.

My wife – a class-room primary school teacher,(and ex-music teacher and school concert organiser) – agreed this was an “as good as it gets” performance on stage from a Primary Group. It completely blew me away!

Your lead singer was outstanding and all 5 principal singers looked so excited to be on stage, it enhanced an already great performance to see them enjoying themselves so much.

Congratulations to all involved.

Have a look at Seaford Park Primary School’s Newsletter for pictures and a message from the Principal.